Health Coach

Health Coach

How a Health Coach can help?

A Health Coach can support you to learn and understand your behaviours / motivations, so you can then target these where required to improve your health outcomes. Our coaches take the time to listen and help you understand what is truly important to you, so you can then consider your options and make informed decisions regarding your health and wellbeing for the long term

When to see a Health Coach?

If you are contemplating a health change and need help making an action plan. Perhaps you have fallen off track with any of your health and wellbeing goals or maybe you feel like you need fresh strategies and tools to reach these goals.

We often know what we need to do with our health, but putting it into practice can sometimes be more challenging, and this is where a Health Coach can help.

You may be looking at preventative health or seeking support managing some current health concerns, either way a Health Coach could be the health professional you’ve been waiting for!

Our Physio Elements’ Health Coach is a qualified Accredited Practicing Dietitian, though this doesn’t mean your health coaching session is limited to nutrition. You may like to focus on your movement, sleep, emotional health, quit smoking and any other area of your health that is important to overall wellness.

What others have said after seeing a Health Coach

My coach really seemed to be concerned for my wellbeing and encouraged me to set easy and manageable goals. I was very impressed with her sincere discussions and belief in me.”

What you need to do

You can call us on 03 9729 7777, and speak to our friendly stuff, send us an email enquiry, or book online.

Fees and Rebates

  • Initial consult – $120
  • Follow-up consult – $80

If you have a private health fund with extras then you may be able to claim a percentage of your fee, please check directly with your fund to see if you’re covered and how much you can claim for.

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