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Debbie (Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor)

Debbie has 5 years of extensive experience with various musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. She completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy Degree in the Philippines 5 years ago and has worked full time as a physio since.

Debbie particularly likes to treat lower back pain and lower extremity conditions and is keen on movement based rehabilitation combining hands on treatment. With a special interest in biomechanics, Debbie likes analysing movement patterns, developing and prescribing exercise based rehabilitation programs in order to correct imbalances, improve mobility and prevent injury or its recurrence.

She has a particular interest in powerlifting and has spent many hours practicing on herself and clients over the years. She has won competitions for the same and utilises her expertise to treat athletic population as well. 

Debbie is a certified DMA Clinical Pilates practitioner and believes that Clinical Pilates combined with a good conditioning program can reduce and prevent occurrence of injuries. She also advocates movement and active lifestyle. 

Outside work, Debbie enjoys being active. She likes playing sports and learning new ones besides spending a lot of time in the gym powerlifting. She also likes playing tennis and going out for quick jogs to maintain an active lifestyle.

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