Medicare Care Plans (EPC)

Medicare Care Plans (EPC)

Physiotherapy with a Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)

In the pursuit of optimal health and well-being, access to quality healthcare is paramount. Medicare EPCs are designed to provide individuals with chronic or complex medical conditions access to a range of allied health services, including physiotherapy. This initiative aims to enhance patient-centred care by enabling individuals to receive a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to managing their health conditions.

Accessibility and Affordability:

One of the significant advantages of including physiotherapy in Medicare EPCs is the increased accessibility and affordability of these vital services. With the financial support provided by Medicare, individuals with chronic conditions can access the expertise of physiotherapists without the burden
of significant out-of-pocket expenses. At Physio Elements we offer bulk billed services for those who hold a valid Pensioner card.

For those without a Pensioner card, $100 is processed at the time of your appointment and medicare will provide a $58.30 rebate which enters your nominated bank account without 24-36 hours (with the exception of weekends and public holidays). This rebate means the client will pay $41.70 out of pocket for their appointment.

Comprehensive Health Assessment and Coordination of Care:

Physiotherapy within the context of Medicare EPCs begins with a comprehensive health assessment. Physiotherapists collaborate with individuals to understand their specific health goals, functional limitations, and areas of concern.

Within the Medicare EPC framework, physiotherapists collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure coordinated and cohesive care. This multidisciplinary approach allows for a seamless flow of information and interventions, promoting a more integrated and effective healthcare strategy. The coordination of care ensures that individuals receive the right interventions at the right time, contributing to improved health outcomes. Physiotherapy seamlessly fits into this framework, offering targeted interventions to improve mobility, alleviate pain, and enhance overall quality of life.

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