Nisha – Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor

Since embarking on her physiotherapy career in 2004, Nisha has amassed a wealth of experience. She completed her Masters in Orthopaedics, Sports, and Manual Therapy at the University of South Australia. Throughout her journey, she has consistently strived for excellence, achieving remarkable outcomes for countless patients and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to musculoskeletal care.

As the director and principal physiotherapist of Physio Elements, a venture she established in 2012, Nisha now channels her expertise into the realm of business leadership. Under her guidance, Physio Elements has flourished, embodying a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional care and fostering patient well-being.

Nisha’s professional interests span a spectrum of specialised areas such as neck pain and headaches, chronic pain management, and geriatric joint and muscle rehabilitation. She possesses a keen proficiency in post-orthopaedic surgery recovery, catering to patients undergoing procedures such as fractures and joint replacements. In her treatment repertoire, Nisha seamlessly integrates hands-on manual therapy techniques with targeted exercises and Clinical Pilates.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nisha finds solace and joy in family life, relishing moments spent with loved ones. While her leisure activities include the spirited competition of table tennis, rounding out a balanced and fulfilling personal life.

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