Physio Elements provide a range of treatments for people who have undergone major or minor surgery. This can include shoulder, knee or hip replacements, ACL repairs, internal or external fixing of fractures, abdominal, obstetric and breast surgery, as well as shoulder rotator cuff repairs. We can help you to minimise the likelihood of complications from both your injury and surgery and maximise your recovery.

How can we maximise your rehabilitation?

We work with your surgeon, GP and other relevant healthcare professionals to develop a customised recovery plan that will help you to make the best possible recovery, as quickly as possible. Whether you want to return to work, play your favourite sports or just return to your well-deserved retirement, our rehabilitation programs will help you to achieve your goals.

Your recovery will be focused on regaining your strength, flexibility and function, all of which will be assessed at an initial consultation and then again at regular intervals. Given that every person, injury and surgery is different, we tailor your recovery plan to suit your specific needs. The early stages of your rehabilitation will be focused on pain management and promoting a gentle range of movement, however, as you progress, we will start to refocus on expanding your range of motion, strength and control.

Improving your posture, regaining your independence, reducing anxiety and returning to your normal daily activities are all goals that we can help you achieve post-surgery.

Who can benefit from a post-surgery rehabilitation program?

If you are experiencing muscle weakness, pain, stiffness, reduced mobility or problems walking, balancing or coordinating your movements, you can benefit from a rehabilitation program. Many people are advised by their surgeons to participate in these programs following their operation, simply because they are of such great value in your recovery.

For help maximising your recovery from surgery, please call us on 03 9729 7777 or send us an email enquiry.

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