Pilates/Exercise therapy

Pilates/Exercise therapy

At Physio Elements we offer Group Clinical Pilates and Exercise therapy classes in our well-equipped purpose-built studio. We have Pilates reformers, trapezes, multigym squat rack with smith machine, exercise bike, exercise balls, foam rollers, Pilates rings, etc.

We target recovery from injury or assist to improve strength, balance, coordination, conditioning and fitness. Our classes are also beneficial for pre-natal and post-natal women’s health.

One on one and small group sessions of maximum 5 members are taught by our physiotherapists and you will be doing your own individual program under the supervision of one of our rehabilitation exercise and Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapists.


  • Preventing and managing spinal injuries
  • Improving core stability
  • Building muscle strength
  • Improving mobility
  • Improving flexibility
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Improving body awareness
  • Improving balance
  • Improving coordination
  • Managing arthritis of hips and knees
  • Helping encourage good posture, sports performance and injury recovery
  • Helping prevention of osteoporosis
  • Conditioning the body, which helps prevent injury
  • Stimulating the mind and improving mood
  • Improve mental concentration
  • Improve pelvic stability during pregnancy

One or two private one on one consultations are required before attending a group session to enable assessment, develop a tailored program for your specific needs and to familiarise you with the equipment and exercises so that you perform them safely. Individual re-assessments may need to be performed to ensure good outcomes. Individual re-assessments may also be needed if you are re attending our classes after a long break.

We also have over 60s and over 70s group exercise classes tailored to your specific goals and needs. Most of our clients attend once a week or twice a week class sessions.

Group Physio Exercise is claimable through private health fund extras as long as the exercises do not consist solely of Pilates exercises. WorkCover and TAC also fund gym and clinical Pilates programs.


Exercise therapy / Pilates Classes FAQs

Class duration: 40 minutes classes ; Tailored to all age groups and abilities

Maximum group members in a class: 4; Initial 1 on 1 assessment is required before classes

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8am-9am           8.20am with
9am-10am   9.20am with Nisha     9.20am with Nisha 9.00am with Nisha
10am-11am   10.00am with Stephanie 10.00am with Lachlan 10.00am with Amanda 10.40am with Lachlan  
11am-12pm 11.00am with Lachlan 10.00am with Lachlan 11.20am with Lachlan 11.00am with Amanda    
12pm-1pm 12.00pm with Amanda     12.00pm with Stephanie    
1pm-2pm         1.00pm with Lachlan
1.40pm with Nisha
2pm-3pm 2.00pm with Lachlan     2.00pm with Lachlan    
3pm-4pm     3.00pm with Lachlan      
4pm-5pm   4.00pm with Lachlan        
5pm-6pm   5.20pm with Stephanie 5.00pm with Lachlan
5.40 with Lachlan
5.00pm with Stephanie    
6pm-7pm 6.20pm with Lachlan          

Private health fund benefits apply. Call 9729 7777 ask reception for more details.

If you do not see a group with a suitable time for you, please call us and let us know, we are always adding new groups depending on clients demands.

Fees Structure (from 1st July 2019)

Initial assessment / one on one session $79.00
Pay as you go group session $36.00
5 sessions pack $155.00

Contact Physio Elements on 03 9729 7777 today to find out how Group Physio Exercise and Clinical Pilates can help you.

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