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How We Help Headaches & Migraines

Millions of Australians suffer with headaches everyday, however most don’t know that with the help of Physiotherapy, a lot of their pain could be reduced! Keep reading our latest article to learn about how we help treat headaches and migraines…

Our Physiotherapists are experts in posture and movement of the body and will be able to diagnose, manage and prevent some of the common types of headaches and migraines that you may be experiencing.

Our Physiotherapists will be able to determine if issues with the soft-tissue in your neck are contributing to your headaches. In this case, you could benefit from specific physiotherapy for neck headaches, which might include techniques such as manipulation, functional and rehabilitation exercises, postural assessment and correction, relaxation therapy, massage and mobilisation.

Here are some of the common underlying causes of headaches that you can improve with simple lifestyle changes to help with the pain…
Posture – Your posture is very important. Think tall with your chest lifted, shoulders relaxed, head level and chin tucked in.

Work – Avoid working with your head down for long periods of time, and frequently stretch and change positions.

Sleeping – Poor sleeping positions can strain your neck. Your physiotherapist can advise you on which type of pillow may be best for you.

Exercise – Your physiotherapist can show you specific exercises that help with tight or weak muscles and can help you to restore normal function.

Relaxation – Learning to recognise when you are tense is an important component of tension headache physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist can show you a range of relaxation techniques that can help manage this.

If you’re suffering from debilitating pain caused by headaches, please book an appointment with either your GP or one of our Physiotherapists. Call us on 03 9729 7777 or simply book an appointment online with one of our Physiotherapists!

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