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The Benefits of Manual Therapy

There are many benefits of Manual Therapy, including to relieve pain, and improve joint movement and flexibility. 

First off, what is Manual Therapy? 

Manual therapy is a hands-on approach used within a course of treatment that includes specific techniques to address muscle and soft tissue pain, joint stiffness, posture, and to assist in efficient movement. Manual therapy techniques assist in restoring fluid motion to the affected joint or soft tissue with the focus on better overall movement.

Our team of qualified Therapists use various manual therapy techniques to treat musculoskeletal injuries. These techniques include:

  • spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation, 
  • deep tissue release, 
  • soft tissue massage, 
  • trigger point therapy, 
  • passive stretching, 
  • and more! 

How does Manual Therapy benefit patients? 

Manual therapy is customised to each patient’s individual condition, making it a very personalised form of treatment. Based on a careful examination, manual therapy is incorporated into the treatment plan according to their body’s specific needs. Manual therapy is used in conjunction with physical exercise to restore function to the treated area and entire body. 

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